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Blah Flowers

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31 August 1976
Fighting the inevitable heat-death of the universe with good cheer, reverse-nihilism and aggressive charity.

For the other twenty-three hours and fifty-nine minutes of the day I'll be swearing at people from my thicket. You want my thicket, I can smell it. Get away! This is my thicket! Get your own!

Consumerism always helps. You can shower me with affection via my wishlist of stuff.
51st century guys, a silver mount zion, adam arkin, air out my shorts, alan moore, alix olson, aphex twin, babylon 5, barbelith, battlestar galactica, bicon, bisexuality, bjork, boards of canada, boredoms, boston legal, boys in skirts, bradley whitford, brian eno, callum keith rennie, carmine giovinazzo, charlie kaufman, chemical brothers, china mieville, chris morris, christopher eccleston, christopher judge, cory doctorow, dandy warhols, david tennant, denny crane, dexter, doctor who, dykestowatchoutfor, eddie izzard, elastica, escape pod, falsifying statistics, four tet, freema agyeman, fridge, gary dourdan, gary sinise, gender, gendertalk, george eads, godspeed you black emperor!, grant morrison, gregory house, hhgttg, hill harper, house, hugh laurie, hurting george lucas, janel moloney, jimmy smits, john barrowman, john simm, jonathan carroll, klf, librarian, m.i.a., mandy patinkin, marg helgenberger, massive attack, matmos, matt elliott, matthew gray gubler, mia, michael c hall, michael shanks, monsters build mean robots, neil gaiman, orbital, pet shop boys, philip k dick, philip pullman, phonogram, phonomancers, planetary, portishead, pulp, queer, r u sirius, radical trannies, radiohead, ramona flowers, richard fell, rob lowe, robert anton wilson, scissor sisters, scott pilgrim, scout niblett, shemar moore, sopranos, south park, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, stephen fry, steve eley, suede, terry pratchett, the bays, the tears, third eye foundation, tranniewreck, transexuality, vanessa ferlito, warren ellis, west wing, wilco, william petersen, yeah yeah yeahs